Sensory Overload and ADHD

by Britt Moore

I didn't write down my score as I took this quiz but I answered yes or frequently to most of these. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD (just a few months ago) after years of going to the doctor. I'm 43 and used to think I was a hypochondriac, because I was constantly making different types of doctors appointments trying to find out what was "wrong" with me. I was finally relieved to find out. I am now currently going through the grieving process though, that typically follows after a diagnosis like ADHD.

I am now scheduled to talk to my doctor about sensory issues. I stumbled on the fact that ADHD might be going hand in hand with this other "thing" i didn't realize I was dealing with. But my husband has always commented on something like this. "why i dont like being touched in certain ways" I complain the tv is too loud, or their are too many noisy things on at one time. I can not sleep unless the room is completely dark and completely quiet (i'v slept with ear plugs now for years)

My children think that I have a weird sense of smell. I seem to constantly smell things that are not there. I cant stand the feeling of tags in my clothes. I especially hate someone touching me lightly. I gag when i brush my teeth. So many things on this list are me. I just did not realize it. There are ways to accommodate. and if your family is supportive, they will understand that you are not trying to be difficult, and some of these sensory issues actually hurt. It now and then feels painful or puts me in a panic. But we are sometimes very in tune with our environment which is also cool. I am a musician and my type of personalities or "disorder" do help me be creative and in tune with music.

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