Sensory Overload And Mood

by Rachel

Can an exposure to sensory overload, lead to a drop in mood for an SPD teenager?

My daughter wanted to attend a school production last night, to see her friends perform. This is rare for her as noise is usually a big issue and she avoids cinemas, theatres etc. This production was very loud, throughout.

She enjoyed it, however today she has inexplicably woken up in a foul mood (more than her usual teenage stroppiness) and I’m wondering if the two things might be linked.

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Apr 08, 2021
by: Anonymous

Yes they might be linked. Many times have I gone to a loud event or something as simple as a restaurant and been cranky or irritated the next day. I have SPD. I think this makes sense for your daughter to be in a bad mood after having to deal with amplified noise that can be physically painful. Make sure to give her some space and tell her you care and are there for her.

Tips for noise sensitivity:

- know her triggers
- wear noise cancelling headphones or ear defenders which muffle sound
- avoid planning too much the day after a loud event
- take sensory breaks often ( just going on a walk or drinking some water to take a break from sensory overload)

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