Sensory Overload

by newspd

For those of you have SPD, does any of your senses(hypersensitivity) frequently suffer from sensory overload? I have tactile defensiveness, hypersensitivity to sound and visual input as well as hypo sensitivity to movement.

After 1 or 2 hour visual or sound stumuli (in normal working condition for example), I realised my senses become very strained and I process things slower or none at all. I also suffer from fatique very easily because I move around alot.

I am wondering because this could be related to low/high energy symptom of SPD which could be caused from sensory overload or fatique.

In short I think Hypersensitivity will often cause sensory overload which causes your senses to strain and therefore appear low energy level or fatique. Hyposensitivity causes high movement or senses which can appear high energy level but over doing it will also cause fatique.

It hard for me to determine because I have Alpha Thalassemia which is a genetic blood disorder which could contribute to my fatique.

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