Sensory Processing Disorder Evaluation

My Kids' school OTs have verbally asked to do either the sensory processing measure or the sensory profile school companion to gather more information regarding each child's sensory processing skills at school.(They are currently on ed plans which for one includes OT services and for the other OT consultation - both have had outside evals in the past which have found sensory processing issues). A consent came home for each child.

One is a consent for a "sensory integration evaluation" which will consist of the checklist and a classroom observation. The other consent came home stating that they wanted to do a "sensory evaluation" which consisted of the just the sensory processing measure.

Are the terms "sensory integration evaluation" and/or "sensory evaluation" being used accurately with what they are actually proposing to do? The consents were pretty specific in what they were proposing to do and no other testing or clinical observations were included.

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