Sensory Processing Disorder Placement

I have twin kindergarten girls who both suffer from SPD due to having spent 2 1/2 years in an Eastern European Orphanage. They have done amazing well but do suffer from SPD and both having trouble with their kindergarten classess/teachers. Both girls are very social and smart and, very active - sensory seeking. They are in separate classrooms and one teacher has been able to get a handle on the behavior but the other has not. It's a very large classroom with 29 children and 1 teacher . . . there are parent volunteers but no class aid.

We had an IEP made up and the district wants to put the girls in a SDC ABA class with 7 severely autistic children and I will not agree. 7 months into kindergarten they are now providing 45 minutes per week of OT but they are pushing hard to have the girls removed from General Ed and put into the SDC class as the teachers are overwhelmed. I think that would be the absolute worst environment for them and, although I agree 1 teacher with 29 kids is not a good environment for a SPD kid, right now it's the least of 2 bad choices.

We're having another IEP meeting this week and I'm still pushing for a student aid - any suggestions on how to accomplish this would be appreciated. I've been turned down saying that an aid is more restrictive then the SDC but I disagree as then at least the girls are with their peers.

Thoughts anyone?

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