Sensory Processing Disorders versus ADHD

by Vicki Douds ASD Specialist
(New Zealand)

I am saddened by the medical model quick diagnosis of ADHD for many children and adults who present with behaviour that is concerning or problematic to parents and/or teachers.

In my expereince, many of the children I see with a diagnosis of ADHD are experiencing sensory processing problems which are not identified or understood by many medical clinicians.

The use of medication for ADHD does not treat sensory issues and in most cases creates another set of problems for the young person.

What is needed is a more holistic approach to behavioural problems to include diet and sensory issues. Many people with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) have sensory disorders that go un noticed or untreated while it seems common to diagnose the presenting behaviour as ADHD.

A more holistic approach is needed when working with complex issues rather than reaching for a prescription pad for medication.

Best practice should include a sensory assessment and a sensory diet.

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Jun 03, 2020
Unable toread
by: AnonymousKaren

Our Grandsons are Both Autistic. The older is111/2, the younger 9. The younger was also dx with ADHD & is unable to read. Tested he now wears glasses butseems very frustrated. Maybe this is Sensory? Can it be distinguished? I've used audio, a recorder, reading to him with him reading back. I tried havinghim write then reas. He also is very disinterested, . I've shortened reading times, broken it up. Yhe whole family helps. I tried the cutout with isolating to 1 word or line @ a time. I'am out of options. Tried flash cards, posting names on objects. What else any options left?

Nov 26, 2011
by: Anonymous


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