Sensory Processing Disorder/Tactile Defensivenes

by Jill
(Seattle, Washington)

I am 57 yrs old. I had absolutely no signs of this problem until approximately 6 yrs ago. I seem to be able to relate it to a certain incident that happened in my family. No one died, but was very traumatic to me. It is affecting all of my senses, the worst tactile,then comes oral and hearing. It affects all of my senses though. I can not find any help. I was diagnosed with this by one of my doctors in California after I gave her all of my symptoms with my tactile problems. Every professional looks at me as if I am crazy.

I moved in Seattle,Washington shortly after I was diagnosed. I can't bare to live this way any longer. It affects my whole life. I can hardly wear any clothes. Help I am desperate. Who can help me. What doctor can I see. I also have fibromyalgia which no one thinks they are connected. Thank you. Jill

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Jan 05, 2011
Help for many
by: Anonymous

Not just you, but most of you here suffering from these types of disorders would benefit greatly by finding an experienced (i recommend a classical) homeopath and seeking treatment through homeopathy. The nature of homeopathy is to find the exact or closest match of a person's symptoms to the remedies' 'symptoms' (known as the "similimum"). The remedy will then be able to nudge the person's own vital force into an unwinding or healing direction from the inside (deepest part) out (most superficial). I have seen the most profound healing with this medicine and for precisely disorders of this nature. Yes, traumatic events can "bump" even a minor illness to a deeper level which often manifests itself in neurological and other similar dis-eases. A talented homeopath is a rare doctor who has an eye for perceiving the subtleties of a person and matching them with just the right remedy. In Seattle you should be able to find someone.

Apr 13, 2010
Fibromyalgia & "SPD" are DEFINETLY connected!!
by: Michelle

I have BOTH conditions myself & I totally believe there is a connection here. I say this because I am meeting more & more people that have a child with autism spectrum disorders such as PPD & SPD and typically the Mother has fibromyalgia... Even today I removed the tag from a shirt & downed a handful of muscle relaxers, A Tramadol, as well as Lyrica PLUS another 3 meds for allergies, sleep, and asthma... The trouble sleeping makes me the crazyist of ALL!! I am actually planning on writing a book about living life with Chronic & Persistent disabilities while living with BOTH parents who have Bipolar Disorder titled "How to Raise Your Parents"!!

Mar 30, 2010
Help in Seattle for Sensory Processing
by: Susie

The HANDLE Institute in Seattle should be able to help you. They are excellent at diagnosing and treating sensory processing disorder and other brain issues. Best of luck!

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