Sensory room for adults

by karen

Well right now my sensory room is my bedroom lol. I have two lights,, the regular one and a nice soft small one...the walls are a nice shade of quiet yellow. There is no back ground noise and the scents I use are vanilla and brown sugar. I also use non hypo fabrize to make the many many pillows and blankets i use smell nice and fresh.

I don't have much in the way of traditional sensory stuff. I do have a bong chair from I kea that rocks... I have 4 laptops because I am a pc repair tech. I also have my tv..all my books and movies,, just stuff that I love and that keeps me calm.

I am very music (mostly metal go figure) oriented so if I feel over whelmed by the world I come into my room and read or tool around on the pc or watch videos or listen to music and my chair that is...

I guess what i;m trying to say is that if you are an adult that has sensory issues please please make sure you have somewhere quiet in your house that you can go.. weather its a closet a corner or a room...and stuff it full of stuff you love,, it makes a big difference....

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