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by Sophia's Mom


I am looking for ideas and places to purchase sensory products for my daughter. She will be turning 4 in a week and we are starting a sensory room. She loves OT and I would like that to continue throughout the week, not just limited to one day.

The problem is everything is very expensive. each item we are looking at costs over 100.00 dollars. This is such a supportive group filled with creative parents I was wondering where you were able to find your items. We will likely add items as we save but kind of wanted a good start. So I am looking for these items bellow but other ideas are greatly appreciated. If you have suggestions on places to purchase or items to include again I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for all your time!

1) Padding for the floors
2) Ball Pit
3) sensory swing (one that wraps tightly around them)
4) sensory table

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Jan 02, 2013
Thank you
by: Sophia's Mom

These are great ideas!!!! Thank you!

How do the eye hooks hold up? I would love that with the lycra since she has a similar swing with the multiple layers at OT. My cnocern is that they would fall out of the studs.

The matterss is a great alternative to the pads (those things are ridiculously expensive).

Also great idea with the noodles! I did not think of that!!

Thank you! Keep the ideas comming!

Jan 01, 2013
Sensory Room Ideas
by: Amy

Hi! We made a sensory room for our son, and you are right that things can really be expensive. We found some excellent things to use that we considerably less expensive than what we saw on the internet. We installed eye hooks in the beams of our ceiling and attached rope to lycra we found on ebay. We have several of these in layers and our son climbs and hangs in them. We did a 12 by 12 grid across the ceiling so we can change the pattern. We also purchased an excellent lycra swing from ebay for around $50, and it has been wonderful. We attached this to one of our eye hooks. We put futon mattresses and bed mattresses underneath (we purchased them used) for protection. We purchased an inexpensive trapeze bar with rings that we attached to 2 more of the eye hooks. We also made a small ball pit from foam pool noodles that we got on clearance after the summer season (I am sure you could find these on clearance now) and our old pack and play. I am in search of a full sized play pen so that it can be larger.
Hope this helps!

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