Sensory sensitivty and Braces

My son Connor developed acute otis media at the age of three, we pursued surgery and accessed our early start programming and worked with various wonderful women over the following three years. We have worked through the OT, Speech, Behaviour therapy special education teacher and following grade 2 with the closing of Connor's file deemed age appropriate we have arrived in grade three. Connor has always been sensory sensitive and difficult to feed including a few other sensory quirks, that until recently have been easily managed. Connor has had braces placed on his front four teeth and has put his body into overdrive.

Shortly after the braces were placed some behavior changes were noted, heading nodding (not socially acceptable in grade three), hmm hmm hmm constantly under his breath, picking at his sores, clipping his nails endlessly and no longer can tolerate the smell of food that is considered outside of his comfort zone even next to him on the dinner table. I feel like we have been transported back three years and the skills that I once had to help him cope are very rusty. I have alerted the outreach program that we would require Connor's file opened yet again. I am a dental professional and feel that a smile free of malpostioned teeth, and the ability to function when chewing are so very important, however for two cents and one more reason I would have them taken off beautiful smile or not.

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