I am definitely sensory under responsive. I went through a lot of the posts, and didn't see anyone write about this. However, I have learned and can see why it flies under the radar and is often not even looked at.

Growing up my parents feared that I would starve to death before I ever went hungry or dehydrate before I ever felt thirsty. I have gone a day and a half without eating by accident and would have kept it up if I hadn't consciously thought about the last time I ate. To this day, my parents still call me to make sure I haven't forgotten to eat.

I often feel lethargic and like I live in a fog. People will call my name and I can hear them, but it takes awhile or they have to call my name a few more times in order for it to register that they're calling my name - even if they're right next to me. I know many people probably think I'm rude or in my own world or am air headed. I have even had a teacher call me an air head because I would always go into a daze or she would talk to me and I wouldn't notice.

The reason why people like me go under the radar is because we don't make too much noise. We're often the quiet kids that are either staring intently at the teacher or off into space. The good part about it is that I can tune everything around me out and can completely focus on one thing, which has made me a good student.

The bad part is, in the mornings I can tune out 10 alarm clocks and it's getting harder and harder to be woken up. There's times when my fiance will shake me or pick me up and I still won't wake up. I feel like this area is the part that is getting worst as time progresses and I get older. I fear that it will get in the way of my job.

I also hate feeling drowsy the whole entire day and feeling separated from the world around me.

If anyone has any tips or advice, I'd truly appreciate it.

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