Serious Pain problems.. Is this SPD or not??

by Savana

I am a teen with SPD. I have all of the symptoms + Obsessive compulsive disorder. They are both a daily struggle and they cause bad anxiety.

Most problems I have, even small ones, such as horrible handwriting and refusing to wear clothes besides a snuggie can be explained with both SPD and OCD.

But there's this one problem that I have that I can't seem to explain. I am very sensitive with my touch, and since I have OCD I have to touch everything twice. I lay down with one blanket over me and it feels like there is a metal sheet laying on me. Due to my sensitivities, I always assumed my pain was because of the SPD.


I get pain everyday, and it last for about 20 seconds. It's at random points ALL over my body. Mostly it's at the space in-between my breasts and at my sides. The pain is absolutely horrible and disabling. No matter what I'm doing I have to stop for about 20 seconds to try and tend to this pain somewhat. I get it in my legs, arms, head, and torso. But it does have its 'favorite' places. When I'm having my period, my cramps are very disabling. I could take 800mg of ibuprofen and it does nothing at all. I also have these pains at the entrance of my vagina, and sometimes (though not as often) on my clitoris. My cramps last about 2+ hours and my vaginal surface pains last about 20 seconds. It doesn't seriously affect my everyday life but it does suck.

Also, if I get pain from different source, like if someone punches me or I fall over and cut myself, the pain is horrible and disabling.

I assumed that since my nerves are so sensitive, my pain is worse, but I'm starting to think differently. What's your input? Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your input.

TL;DR I go through horrible bouts of pain everyday for no reason and I'm very sensitive when it comes to pain. Is this SPD??

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Dec 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you very much Connie for your input.
Yes I do have a parent I can go to but my parents are very old fashioned. If I do not have a bone sticking out of my body they will not take me which I can understand.
We are very poor and live in the united states, so we sadly do not have health care. Next year hopefully we will have obamacare. I do have very many struggles and pains and my mother has promised me she will take me to a GP once we get obamacare.
I am self diagnosed ocd and spd. I truly believe I have both of these. I am homeschooled and I have a lot of free time to to do research on psychology(which I love) and I can confirm I am very high on the ocs spectrum. Even if I take those tests I score more than triple. I have all of the horrible symptoms of ocd. I have every single hyper-sensitive symptom for spd. My mother can confirm I had all of the strange symptoms as a child but she thought nothing of it. Children are strange, you know?
With my extreme anxiety and ocd my mother decided to get me 5HTP. Which has been working wonders, and has significantly surpressed my OCD. But, it has also magnified my pain and made me nauseous.
My mother is more concerned with my pain than anything else. I can deal with the pain as long as my anxiety and obsessive habits are calmed down. I'm more interested in knowing what these are than actually curing them. Hyper sensitivity to pain is forsure the SPD, but that still doesn't explain my random little spurts of pain. Its a strange case..

Dec 05, 2012
SPD symptoms
by: Connie

Your story just broke my heart. Do you have a parent you can go to for help? My son was diagnosed with SPD, ADHD, and also some OCD.. So, some of the things you mentioned seem to be directly related to the SPD (blanket feeling like metal, touch, etc).. The intense pain you feel may be also related to SPD, I am not sure. My son is hypo sensitive to pain, meaning he doesn't feel pain as much. You seem to be on the other end of the spectrum, so its possible.. ( you can be hypo-sensitive, or hyper-sensitive). However, you really should consult a doctor for a full evaluation. Were you formally diagnosed with SPD? You are so young to be seeking your own answers. I hope there is someone that can help guide you. My suggestion is that you work with your pediatrician first and they can run some tests to make sure you don't have any nerve damage or other physical issues. Or maybe they can just confirm with you that these symptoms are a direct result of SPD. Either way, you need a professional to validate this for you. I am so proud of you for trying to find a way to help yourself, but please also consult your doctor. All the best to you. I hope you get some answers.

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