I am a woman in my 20's with SPD. I always use to use intuition scentless razors for shaving and they worked well. Now they changed their soap formula and it smells (I get migraines from smells and have olfactory sensitivities). I tried borrowing my mom's razor and it was a tactile, proprioceptive, and fine motor nightmare.

I need to shave because harry legs feel awful with tights and leggings, and I won't wear pants (tactile reasons) I am looking for a razor with a wide handle so I can grip it in a way that doesn't require all my energy for the day on fine motor skills. Also, I need a razor whose blade doesn't move, because my brain just doesn't know what to do with that information and it sends me into sensory overload. I don't care if the razor is meant for woman or men.

What razors are people with SPD using?

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