She doesn't care if she soiled or wet

by Tami

My daughter turned 4 in March. We were told she is a "sensory seeker" part of SID. When it comes to potty training, it's like she doesn't care.

We have done the rewards thing, wearing nothing but a sun dress, or just panties. Yesterday I went to check on her, she was sitting with poop all up her back, I have no idea how long she was sitting like that, it's like she didn't care she went! She has gone poop in the potty once for me ever, and has never peed.

She "knows" that big girls go potty in the toilet and babies go in their pants, but it's like the connection between her mind and her body isn't there. She will be standing next to me and start to pee, it's only when she sees it running down her leg does she realize she was peeing!

I was told by her pediatrician to not worry about potty training her now, that it just won't work until she gets some sort of OT (which we are on the waiting list for). She wants to do all these activities (gymnastics, swimming etc) that require her to be potty trained for her age group and she can't.

Any suggestions or is this something we just have to wait out?

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what more can I do to help him get it?
by: Anonymous

I know how you feel, my son is turning 4 in 2 months’ time. He was diagnosed with mild SPD recently started seeing and an OT.

If I use rewards to get him to the loo, he will go but not every on his own – especially to poo. He does not seem to mind sitting in his own poo at all. At the moment I am giving it all I have are expecting a baby soon and the OT said he is ready.

I have kept him out of kindergarten for the past week ( I am on maternity leave) I do the brushing and massage his stomach and legs 3 times a day, and the OT also suggested that he spins/swings/jumps on a trampoline for 10min every 2 hours and he has 3-4 OT appointments per week.

I also set my alarm to ring every 30min, to remind us to go. Most of the times he will go, but it takes so convincing. Also I don’t know if I am doing this all in vein – when will it click in his mind/ or will he feel it himself?!!

I am so happy I found this site because I feel so frustrated and alone with this problem. He is the only one in his class with this problem.

Anything else I can do?

Potty issues
by: Anonymous

I also have problems in this area. My 5 year old daughter will pee and poop in her panties or pull up frequently. The interesting thing with her is that if she is "commando" around the house she will go sit on the toilet successfully everytime. This really confuses us.

No one has offered us any advice that has worked for us.

She is both sensory seeking and sensory challenged.

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