Should I pursue a treatment course?

I have a darling 5 year son. He has always been what we have called "very sensitive." He was colicky as a baby, woke up crying for years (he still wakes up grumpy), and would start crying over just tiny things. And up until recently, a tiny little cut could result in a couple of hours of crying. It's hard to tell if he is ever really hurt because he cries like it's the end of the world over any "boo-boo."

In addition, every time the seasons change he just struggles over wearing different types of clothing. He can't stand the feel of pants on his legs after summer, and the feel of exposed legs just drive him crazy at the beginning of the summer after being used to pants. I could go on about clothing issues...but he also loves being tucked into a "big-boy burrito", as I like to call it, in bed. I was just joking with him about him being 8 months old and huge, and still loving to be swaddled like a baby. I also have just struggled with getting the child to sit still. He is constantly wiggling, running into things, falling out of the chair at dinner, etc...

Now I talked to my Dr. about the clothing thing a few years ago, and he said he may have a mild form of SPD, but that since he was so high functioning that it wasn't really impacting his life and may even be just the way that he is. My concern is that I am going to be homeschooling him and his sisters in the fall, and I'm wondering if I need to look into having him evaluated-if this is an issue if there are accommodations I need to be making as his teacher? He actually has very good muscle tone and is very good fine motor skills (very athletic), so I think that part is fine. He is very interactive with those he knows and can carry on a very intelligent conversation and is quite bright for his age.

Does anyone have a suggestions for me? Does this sound like something I need to pursue? Thanks for any input.

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A bit like us
by: Janice

We have a bit like your situation on our house. I have thought about home schooling, but it won't work financially for our family (husband is the day time care giver and not interested in home schooling). I would have him tested for SPD by a Occupational Specialist who specializes in SPD, as you will need to have breaks around physical movement to help him begin to mature out of his hyper or hypo sensitivity so that he can fully focus on school work. With in 3 months my 8 year old has become social with classmates, less sensitive to the slightest BO BO, and has begun to eat most everything - all this just because we began once a week occupational therapy, and then do a "diet" of physical activities before school and before we go places that might over stimulate him. It has been such a blessing! Sending my good wishes your way as you pursue all of your options!

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