SI therapy changed our lives

by Julia

No I too had never heard of SPD until my son was diagnosed alongside a diagnosis of ASD. The first contact I had with it was being told he needed a sensory diet and thinking now what have I got to cook for him. Little did I realise the impact this "diet" would have on all of our lives.

A wonderful OT whose hours of patient teaching and commitment which goes above and beyond the call of duty have led to my son being able to function in a world which seems wholly alien to him. The small things such as why he wont wear denim or buttons to the things which have a serious impact on his life such as a constant craving for movement are now explainable.His bag of "twiddle" toys that sit on his desk at school and help him to resist the urge to hang upside down off his chair have proved a lifeline for him during the school day.

How can any one deny this condition is real? When offered therapies to counter act the cravings the change is dramatic. I only wish more children could have access to this fantastic service!

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