Sleep Disorder?

by Nick Lutkins
(Sterling, VA)

Our 11 year old boy was diagnosed with Auditory Sensory Integration Disorder. He went through the "Berard" therapy and things improved tremendously. However, he is going through a period now where he won't sleep in his room anymore and seems freaked out when it comes to sleeping by himself. He has ended up sleeping at the foot of our bed now. He claims he is hearing "noise" when he is trying to sleep.

Any thoughts?

Nick Lutkins

Before I let you know a couple things to try, I am wondering... was he "hypo" or "hyper" sensitive to auditory input (or both) prior to the Berard training? Hmmm... maybe the training worked "too well"? I am also curious... how long ago did you do it and for how long? Maybe he needed more from the program? What were his particular issues that were being addressed and what DID improve for him specifically? Also, how long has he been needing to sleep in your room? What noises does he hear? Has he ever gone through this before? If you can give me some more details, I might be able to help you better.

Without that additional information, what I would suggest is a few things. First, one of the most successful and comforting ways to drown out noises is via white noise. white noise machines are an excellent way to do this. He won't hear a thing! They are very soothing.

Another idea? Ear plugs. Or a nature sound machine. There are also sound pillows (pillows that have speakers built into them) if he wants to fall asleep to some soothing music or relaxation cd's.

Also, SPD kids that have difficulty sleeping are often soothed and comforted by the deep pressure input a weighted blanket gives them.

Are there other sensory related issues going on with him right now? If you think there are, can you get him back into OT for a "tune-up"?

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Jun 26, 2019
Sleep problem
by: Anonymous

hi my autistic non verbal son 17 years old is under medication and still got very difficulties to fall asleep .give him his medicines at 9.30 - 10pm every night , have to wait till 1 or 1 1/2 hours for him to fall asleep. am getting very nervous and tired of this situation . any comments / ideas will be much appreciated. thanks in adv from the mom.

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