So Many Fears...Could it be SPD

by Melissa

I believe my nephew has many of the symptoms of SPD. I have been investigating on my own. Your web-site is fabulous. We live on a lake and my nephew is very fearful of going for a boat ride. He will sit on the boat when docked but as soon as the motor starts he is flipping-out. He put his hands over his ears and cries uncontrollably. Our family trip to a local amusement park was not so much fun. He had his hands over his ears and screamed the entire time until we got in the car and drove away. Vacuums, blow dryers and nail guns freak him out. He possesses many of the symptoms in the various facets. Does SPD sound possible? Help!

The SPD Help Line Answers…

Surely it could be SPD... specifically, sensory modulation issues, especially, auditory defensiveness. The best way to know is to fill out the SPD Checklist, then see if there are enough signs to warrant an evaluation. The best article to read, after the checklist is The Step By Step Guide For SPD Parents. This will take you through the process you need to go through to find the help you need. If your gut says something is there, trust it. Only an evaluation will answer your question for sure… sounds like this would be a reasonable step to take.

Take care.

Michele Mitchell

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