So my father, sister and I aren't just quirky??

by tlynn

I never connected all of my strange phobias and traits with the fact that I have little to no sense of smell.

I grew up with the family of smokers so I always assumed that was why I lacked this sense. I remember as a kid wondering how it was possible that someone could walk into a house and know what kind of food they would be having for dinner!

I hate many textures including velvet and cotton balls. I shudder even thinking about them! Foods have always been a problem for me too. I've always thought of myself as "food ocd"

But my worst problem is my extreme disgust with and fear of hair. Especially in the shower. Finding strands hair on my clothes is a stomach turning event for me, but washing my hair in the shower and wet hair in general is very difficult. I don't let this rule my life of course- hygiene is important! My biggest fear is that the hair thing will get worse. The only way I can explain it is that I have to turn my brain off in order to wash or brush my hair.

My dad and my sister both have symptoms as well.

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