So real, so frustrating!

by Tracy Demkowicz
(Westtown, NY)

My angel Alyssa

My angel Alyssa

I have known something was wrong since the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital 8 years ago. We have put ourselves in debt going to all kinds of doctors in the last 6 years and she has been diagnosed with ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and even PDD. I felt they were all wrong and was told about SPD from a friend who is an occupational therapist... I had never heard of it before. Unfortunately my friend lives far away but she told me to get her to an OT for an evaluation. Aside from the OT we also took her to a neurologist for testing. She had blood work done, an MRI and an EEG. All tests came back normal.

The neurologist said it was not possible for her to have ADHD or PDD based on these tests. She was diagnosed with SPD a month ago and for the first time since she was born we are making great progress. It's hard to handle but easier with the right help! My daughter smiled last week (which doesn't happen often) and I told her what a beautiful smile she has... her answer "yeah, and I'm smiling more everyday".

Any one who has gone through this knows not only how good it feels to hear something like that but how much it breaks your heart watching your child suffer with this disorder. Good luck to all...I'll be praying for your children to get the right help too!

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