So that's what's wrong with me?

by Melissa Gero
(Wrightstown, NJ)

I'm sitting here with all of my clothes inside out, mentally marking off an awful lot of items on this page. Someone recently told me I act like I have Tourette's Syndrome because I'm constantly moving my arms. Sometimes it's the seams in my shirt bothering me. Sometimes I think it's just nerves. It feels a little better after I rotate my arm and crack my shoulder.

I'm an amusement park junkie who loves upside down, but can't spin at all. I also love online games. I've stayed up all night playing them.
I'm almost 41 and have worked through some of the listed things, but a lot of them still apply. I have to turn the sound off on Sims because the sound of them eating irritates the crap out of me.

I take my shoes off every chance I get. I used to tell my mother that my feet couldn't breathe... they needed air.

I could go on... I could write a book.
So what do I do now?

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Aug 20, 2010
Have you looked through this site?
by: Bonnie

There is information out there that will give you some insights into the whys, hows, whats.
This site has some great information, internet searches offer a great starting point, and there are books on Amazon specifically for older kids, teens and young adults.
Talking to someone who specializes in SPD issues might also be helpful. Could be an Occupational Therapist or Counselor ... perhaps someone from STAR in Colorado.
Hope this helps.
Everyone is "comfortable" and not in certain life situations, when you have SPD, your sensitivity meter is just Much more sensitive to certain types of stimulation. Learning how this occurs and why will help you to advocate for yourself ... putting yourself in life situations that are comfortable for you and helping you to be all that you can be.
Everyone in this world is a totally unique, one-off individual ... you are more, no less. Everyone is different because they are unique to themselves. It is not good or bad, not superior or inferior ... just "is" ... if that makes sense?
Mom to 20 year old son with SPD

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