Social issues / sometimes has problems making friends

by Connie
(Farmington hills, MI)

My 8 year old son was recently diagnosed with SPD. I have noticed that on certain occassions he has a hard time making friends. At school,it seems like he is comfortable around his classmates and friends. At home, he refuses to talk to a new boy that moved in down the street. This new neighbor seems to follow my son around, always interested in what he is doing, but the more he comes around, or the more we ask him why he won't talk to him, he shuts down. He will go inside and not come out for hours. This has been going on for weeks . Is this social fear a part of SPD or could this be Aspergers?

Our psychologist who diagnosed him said he ruled out Autism /Aspergers but I am just not so sure... This social behavior worries me.. Anyone have any experience with this?

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