Some helpful tips we have used

by Andrea

My son, now 10, has SPD. He was diagnosed at about age 5. He used to put his clothes in the dryer before getting dressed to help with the softness of them. Then we discovered that if he goes to bed with his clothes on for the next day, it helped tons. He takes a bath, then has to hang out in his towel for awhile before dressing. Then he puts on tomorrow's clothes and goes to bed. In the morning there is no need to transition into different clothes, unless there is a big change in the weather. This has helped so much! People cant believe i let him sleep in his clothes, but who cares. He doesnt wear a uniform to school so it doesnt matter. It works so well that his twin brother does it to save time in the morning. Plus, it saves on laundry.

Sleep has also been an issue for him since birth. Our psych nurse practitioner has suggested we try melatonin at night. It is very safe, and helps him get calm enough to go to sleep. He takes 3 mg most nights. I have noticed that when he sleeps he is not all curled up tight but much more relaxed.

He did go to OT for a year which was very helpful. Just recently has he really had a hard time. We are seeing a counselor as well as a nurse practitioner for psych. The counselor is very helpful. The psych nurse has prescribed guanfacine. He has been on it for almost 2 weeks now. He told me it helps "stop his body" when he gets overly upset. He has a difficult time with his temper. My husband and I think this is because of the sensory stuff.

There is hope. He is better with clothing now, although still needs to wear or not wear particular things. Belts are worn very tight. Shoes are tied tightly, etc. we recently had a trampoline given to us and no wonder he loves it. It's fun joint compressions or "bonks" as we call them.

I would highly suggest to anyone to see an occupational therapist if at all possible. Also, to read the book "The Out-of-Sync Child".

Also, when you have found clothing that your child will like and wear, i have bought numerous shirts, etc., in future sizes. There is a risk that they wont like the same clothes later but I believe most kids with SPD would continue liking the same things. Anyone have any issues with flexibility and change? No kidding right?

I hope some of these things may help.

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Sep 13, 2012
re: helpful tips
by: Anonymous

Hello! Thank you for sharing your tips. My two year old son also has SPD issues on top of autism. So i am constantly seeking for help and tips to help him.

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