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I am currently 17 years of age and have been dealing with tactile SPD since birth. I was diagnosed at roughly 10 to 11 years old by a GP who recommended touch therapy/brushing. I hated every instant I'd had to go through with it, and I even believe that it made my condition worse.

When I was younger, I was very particular about the types of clothes I wore, and even now it is still the case. I simply cannot wear a dress because of the way it constantly brushes against my legs, or tight clothes because I feel constricted... Even right now, the notion of doing so makes me feel uncomfortable and border on frustration (that's the only word I could use to describe what I feel). Even now I wear sports bras and boxers shorts for underwear as it is the only thing that feels comfortable enough.

I heavily dislike it when people touch my scalp, it is actually the one area where I will outwardly react as it pushes me to frenetically scratch my scalp in order to stop the uncomfortable feeling that touch creates in that area. I used to be able to not stand it when people touched my arms, legs, or torso, especially if it is light touch, even now sometimes I will scratch myself if someone does do it (it's a coping mechanism I can't get rid of), but I've found that I react less and less and even enjoy it (as I do crave human contact), especially if it is with people I am comfortable with.

My symptoms tend to worsen when I am put in a stressful and/or anxious situation.

I have actually met other people of my age with SPD, one being in pain every time someone even brushed a hand against him, the other, like me, not being able to stand some forms of contact.
However, I do believe that, compared to my previous years where touch was an unbearable thing that I had to avoid at all costs, I have gotten considerably better as I am now able to hug or receive casual touch without it being an issue. I have also been able to be in relationships without my SPD ever being a problem.

Unfortunately, my symptoms would worsen with any attempt at therapy, so I doubt that my advice is worth much to those seeking a solution for their children.

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