Son of 5 yrs... Stressed Parents, but with hope

by William Knutz
(Curtis, Washington USA)

when my son Zackery was born in 2003 June 17th, my wife and I had already lost a child to a miscarriage a few years prior 1999, I was an alcoholic fathers son and a broken family background, my wife never new her father, I joined the Marines right out of high school to get away, was deployed to Desert shield and Desert Storm, Combat action x3 and thought maybe some neurological thing was happening to my son. Poss. from some kinda exposure, seen alot of stuff over there.

We were high school sweethearts, married young, been together since 1990. My son was a big boy when born, and had a temper ever since I've raised him, he would hit and be violent before his first year, even head butted me because I wouldn't go down a certain isle in a store. Our social circle shrank and I began getting sick due to my stress, (ulcer)I did not know what to do, (do I follow my fathers footsteps and go drinking)

I started reading a lot of self help books, I have started reading the bible, I though it was all my fault, mad at my Dad and Mom for doing this. My son is in Kindergarten now, as of 5/8/09 he has been IEP and with Occupational & speech therapist,special ed stuff but hammering him with school work and giving him 1st and 2nd grade level assignment, and he is doing fine.

Challenging him since he MUST WIN (his words)and a small school staff which works with him- one on one type helps him cope. He's smart, says things at age five that are amazing, problem solves and figures things out himself (he actually prefers that you don't try to help him)I found the check list because I needed to find out about this disorder, thank you for sharing with me. I read to him every night some times its the books that I have learned from, and I have learned that love is the best medicine. To be continued...

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May 17, 2009
by: Anonymous

It's so easy to blame yourself when you don't know what is wrong with a child. Your son sounds exactly like my grandson. We are continually hoping that we will make some progress with his behavior. He is smart and also is independent. You have given me hope that he will mature and function "normally" as an adult. We pray that he will be a kind, nice person that can take care of himself and be in a loving relationship.

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