Son with SPD/Ear Infections

by Lisa

My son was perfectly fine as a baby and young toddler. As a young toddler, he frequently got ear infections. He had 2 surgeries for ear tubes and adnoids removed. At the tome of his 2nd surgery, this all started-at age 4. My question is could something have caused SPD during the surgeries, like whatever they gave him to sleep? Has anyone ever experienced this as a possible result from ear infections, constant antibiotics?

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Feb 02, 2012
Same thing w/ my 3 yr old
by: Anonymous

We have the exact same issue but I do not feel it is from any drug he was given or the antibiotics. I actually feel that going from having diminished hearing to acute hearing from putting tubes in has caused his world to be shockingly amplified for him. Just my theory but good to see I am not alone, whatever the reason is.

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