Sound Sensitivity Survey

Hello everyone, my name is Rose Kivi. I am conducting a survey on misophonia and sound sensitivities. The collected data will help to identify similarities in those who suffer from auditory sensitivities, which will hopefully help to find treatments or a cure. Misophonia is a disorder where the sufferer has auditory sensitivities and has a strong negative reaction to certain sounds. Some people who have been diagnosed with misophonia seem to have tactile or other symptoms that suggest sensory processing disorder, however, not all do. Whether or not there is a link to the two disorders, certain treatments may develop that help both conditions.

If you have auditory sensitivity related to sensory processing disorder, misophonia, autism, ADHD or any other condition, please fill out the survey listed at the end of this message. The survey is completely anonymous. None of your information is recorded. If you have a child with auditory sensitivities that is too young to complete the survey, please fill out the survey on their behalf.

In the future, the anonymous data from the survey will be posted on the site to benefit everyone.

Misophonia & Sound Sensitivity Survey

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Aug 04, 2015
Website Cannot Be Found
by: Susan

Hello - I was hoping to take the survey. I cut and pasted the given address but got the message that the website could not be found. Am I too late? Thank you.

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