by Jen
(Atlanta )

I am autistic woman and have just learned about spd. For manny years I was a driver in spite of the fact I get lost a lot. For the past five years driving has become more and more difficult, especially on flat open roads with large horizons, or when many cars are passing by. I become extremely disoriented, dizzy. feel like I’m floating on air.

I keep trying to tell people it’s not mental but physical, having to do with how things look and feel when driving, which is disorienting. Low mph roads or back roads without traffic aren’t as bad. I am wondering now if it’s sensory processing, proprioceptive issues—I checked off so many of the characteristics, but I can’t stop people from saying it’s mental, which makes me feel like I should get on the road and deal.

I don’t want to quit driving! Help…..

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