SPD And Adopted, Orphaned, And/Or Institutionalized Children

by Jeannette
(Dayton, OH, USA)

Everything I have read about SPD has been on children that were born into the family. What about children that are orphaned and adopted as older toddlers. I have a lot of questions in that area, since these children are far behind. They were not held, stimulated while young, etc.

How do I help a child that is behind in every area... especially when they cannot tell me how they are feeling? What they want/ don't want etc.

The SPD Help Line Answers...

There actually is a fair amount of information on SPD (or Sensory Integration Dysfunction, as it used to be called when much of the information was written about it) and adoption and/or institutionalized babies. I know it is definitely out there. So, the trick will be finding it.

I started looking for you and here are some links that will help:

On my Is SPD Real Page there are many, many links to research. One in particular you might be interested in, is...

Sensory Processing Problems in Post-Institutionalized Children

(on right side, 1/2 way down the article page on springerlink.com is a choice to read the article as a pdf... but you have to pay for it OR be a member. If you don't want to pay or become a member, then call some libraries to see if they have access to it)

Also, when I did a google search on the web for you, I typed in "adoption and sensory integration"... this pulled up a good amount of information. You can start there.

Additionally,I did a yahoo group search. There are online support groups that address this very issue. I went to www.yahoo.com and chose the "groups" button, then typed in "sensory integration and adoption" and it pulled up a bunch of related online groups that look like they will be very helpful for you!! I was pleased.

I also want you to know that it would be best for this child to be evaluated and in both OT and Speech treatment to address these issues. I am not sure, from what you wrote, if he/she is currently, but that will definitely be a huge part of the answer! Are you the adoptive parent? An OT? A caregiver? Just interested in this topic? I'm not sure which angle you are approaching this from. If you let me know, perhaps further information can be targeted in the direction YOU need, based on your role with this child/these children.

Let me know if you need further information.

Anyone else have a great resource regarding SPD/SID and adoption or institutionalized children? Let us know!

Take care.

Michele Mitchell

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