SPD and behavior problems

by Gina
(New Jersey)

My son (age 7) was recently diagnosed w/ SPD. We are on the waiting list for OT services for body awareness issues, etc. and he currently receives vision therapy 2x a week. However the REAL problem is his behavior at home. He is outright defiant and disrespectful to my husband and I and has tremendous anger issues especially concerning our other children (ages 10, 6, 2). He's a sweet boy when he wants to be but truly the devil in disguise when he's "out of sync." He is disrupting our home in more ways than I have time to write. You just never know who you're waking up to and it breaks my heart because sometimes I really don't like my own son.

He suffers from terribly low self esteem as well and its an ongoing struggle to boost him up when he knows outright that he's misbehaving. He is remorseful each and every time he has an outburst or flys off the handle but it happens again and again and again...each and every day. Now it seems to just be getting worse. I've called for a psychological evaluation this past week as I believe he needs anger management/group therapy sessions but I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions...i'm all ears!

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Mar 14, 2012
food allergies
by: mj

hi, my 6 y/o has had similar behavior. i have been at my wits end trying to figure out where his behavior...particularly anger and defiance is coming from. he has SPD(sensory seeking) we have done ot for a year and it honestly, didn't help much.
i have somehow stumbled upon food allegies/sensitivites - in researching this on the web - for us particularly milk - i have found alot of stories of kids with similar behaviors that turned out to be allergies and sensitivities to certain foods. I took my son off milk over 2 weeks ago and he is calmer,less easily agitated and less defiant.

no one mentions this, no therapists, doctors, etc... it seems to me this should be the first thing that is ruled out - how can we expect these kids to behave better if the problem is coming from something they keep ingesting?

i have noticed enough of a change in my son that i think every child should first see if their issues are diet related...it's not invasive - and might just be the problem - can you imagine if your child can find peace just by changing his diet!!!
it's too early to tell it this milk thing is the core of my son's issues - but he is calmer and happier and i'll take that as we keep on keeping on...good luck to you and your son please look into the allergy thin just in case - your doctor will down play it - but the medical community always downplays stuff that turns out later to be true~

Mar 13, 2012
by: marjory

Hi, i,v just read about your son. Sensory issues you say. Have you been taught about this and how hard it is for your son just to function??. That sounds like i,m judging i,m not, do courses read as much as you possibly can go to carers groups. TEMPLE GRANDIN Thinking In Pictures. hard to read but brilliant. I have got alot of hints and help from that book. My son, gentle touch feels like hard slaps and hard slaps feel like light touch. Oversensitive hearing, etc. Good luck and dont give up.

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