SPD and Counseling

by Mom of SPD girl

My daughter has a non-verbal LD and SP. School counseling has not been effective in helping her deal with her lack of social understanding and friendships. My daughter discusses situations where she believes kids have been mean to her and the counselor responds that my daughter must have done something to the kids to make them respond negatively to her. Other times, the counselor says she knows the other kids and they would never be mean to her. This is upsetting to her and we don't feel she is getting the support and validation she needs to understand her issues and learn strategies to handle situations with her peers.

We are looking for books and or names of types of therapy or suggestions to help our daughter. We are looking for an outside therapist also.

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Feb 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Find an OT and start working with them. The school stuff cannot be your only source as it is limited and they have limited time to spend with the kids as well.

Jan 09, 2011
Going through the same experience
by: Jill

I don't have any recommendations, my grandson is going through the same thing. He thinks the kids are ganging up on him, or cheating or talking inappropriately and it turns into a major melt down. I know that some of his complaints are valid, but alot of it is just kids being kids. We are looking for a therapist too. I would love to get some information on this too!

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