SPD and Depression

by Tess

Hi, I'm almost 24 (f) and have had a plethora of these problems since I was a little kid. I first noticed it when I realized normally people don't walk on their toes (I still hate the feeling of my heel hitting the ground). I have mostly problems with sensations, mostly revolving around how my bones feel.

For example, the idea of my ankle bones touching makes me gag. And skin is horrible all round, and I have constant almost phantom like itches that keep me up at night. Clothes hurt, usually everything hurts.

I'm always exhausted. Also since I was thirteen I've been battling depression and severe social anxiety, and because I can't quite explain myself (I usually don't understand my moods myself), I have isolated myself almost completely. I recently lost my job because I was "too nervous", and now I feel as though I'll never be successful in a job because I will never stop being nervous. It's all I've known, and people never understand that 9/10 it's fine and I am not panicking, but they seem to think I'm some sort of loose canon.

I don't have a clue what to do with my life, because I feel so impaired and alienated. I can't find a place for myself in this world so I've been in hiding and on unemployment. I haven't even heard back from housekeeping jobs (I have a year's experience) so I feel like everything is useless. I cry everyday and although this is nothing new to me, I feel like I'm at a point in my life where if I make the wrong decision, I could screw up the rest of my life. I'm fresh out of college (with psych, ironically), but nobody seems to care that I have a degree (and with honors).

I just wish I had somebody to boss me around and make my decisions for me because at this point, I'm afraid of wasting away. Sorry I went a little more in depth and off-topic than was intended, I just have nobody here to talk to. Thanks for listening:)

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Dec 05, 2014
by: Suzi

Son 22 very smart but can't focus in class does excellent on line. Talk about getting a job he throws up every morning or get thru collage. Seen all doc a therapist now still panic attracts night terror and vomiting even when his only two friends call to go do something gonna try nurologist next any solutions ? Been going on all his life can't even eat sometimes think genic I have a lot of symptoms only no vomiting just very bad headach/migrain everyday for 50 plus years good luck all god bless and merry Christmas

Nov 21, 2014
SPD and Depression - There is help.
by: Anonymous

You are actually more "in touch" with your moods than you think. You seem to very perceptive and understanding of your feelings - what makes you nervous, anxious, uncomfortable, etc..

Its imperative that you find yourself a good therapist. You are a smart girl. It would be a shame to spend the rest of your life afraid and anxious - which is preventing you from living a fulfilling life. You obviously have talent and brains.. and since you reached out, you want the help...

Do some research online to find a therapist in your area that specializes in SPD and depression - (and one that is affordable to you..)- It's worth the investment.. You just need someone to coach you - to help you deal with these issues. Good luck - You can do this.

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