SPD and Hormones?

by Rachel

I am an adult and I have not been professionally diagnosed with SPD, however I am pretty sure I have it and have it pretty bad.....

One thing I have noticed is that mine gets worse when I have hormone fluctuations. Seems like worse with PMS and better with pregnancy..making me think that fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone effect the severity of my SPD... Or is it that SPD causes the body to have difficulty regulating hormones normally, so that when they fluctuate it causes symptoms to worsen?

Has anyone else had this problem or found a link between the two? Thanks, Rachel

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Nov 11, 2014
Yes, I think there is relationship
by: Anonymous

I just read a case study about a girl with hormonal problems who also had neurological issues and the MDs said they think there's a relationship. Of course, it was one case. But I know my daughter has both.

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