SPD and Pain

I am just starting to realize ALL the ways my SPD has affected my life. I am wondering if it can have a physical pain manifestation as well, however. Does anyone else have an issue with that? I have yet to see that addressed in all of these forums. Whenever I am upset by the bright lights or in total discomfort with the tightness of my pants around my waist or the taste in my mouth or whatever, I get a stomachache or a slight headache. I haven't heard anyone else mention that, and I am wondering if, even though I TOTALLY know I have SPD after reading how many of these symptoms are congruent with my own, if I also simultaneously have another issue going on. It could be an anxiety issue, caused by the extreme discomfort of the situation, but I am very curious to know if any one else is dealing with this as well.

I should also mention that I have Bipolar Disorder and Celiac Disease as well as a few other nice health issues going on. I have been managing these issues pretty well for quite a few years, but my SPD has been getting worse in the past year and a half, and that is why I did some digging to find out what in the world is going on with me and found this information and feel so much better. Previously I had read Elaine Aron's work on HSPs, so this totally makes sense. :) Any help any one can give would certainly be helpful.

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Feb 21, 2017
hope this helps
by: Anonymous

I also am bipolar with spd (as well as asperger's)I don't have the stomachache thing. i do have the headache problem. Whenever my pants are too tight on me, it literally hurts. a lot. and also the past month or so, i've had this pain in my left shoulder blade that i can't describe, but i know it's a "sensory pain" as i describe it to my mom and a friend of mine. cuz it's the same sensation as when i'm wearing a watch too long or a bracelet too long.

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