SPD and Primitive reflexes.

by Antoinette Du Toit
(South Africa)

Is Sensory Processing Disorder caused by Retained Primitive Reflexes?

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Apr 26, 2016
Primitive reflexes as cause
by: Julie

Hi, I have 6 adopted kids. My 3 year old has had major behavioral issues since day one -like her brain is on fire. Just recently she was suggested to have SPD and then a friend asked about her reflexes. We went to a specialized pediatric OT place who is skilled in evaluating and successfully integrating retained reflexes. I did not tell them beforehand which child suffers from what. After testing, the one with the majority of defiance, etc tested positive for a retained Moro reflex. The one who has focus/memory and bedwetting for atnr, stnr and spinal galant. All of their issues after reading about how each retained reflex can affect someone was perfectly aligned to that child's issues. Coincidence? maybe but I think it has contributed a lot to their issues and can't hurt to treat it and integrate the reflexes.

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