SPD and vision concerns

by Brenda

My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with SPD. Recently, I took him to the eye dr for a check-up (we have never braved the eye dr before). Turns out, he does have vision issues. He is near sighted as well as having astigmatism in both eyes. They eye dr is not wanting to put glasses on him yet because he's figuring Tyler will just break them.

My concern is, could part of his defensiveness be due to the fact that he isn't able to judge distances correctly? He has modulation, vestibular, oral motor, auditory issues.
Any thoughts??

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Aug 08, 2009
Color blind
by: Carolyn

I teach Special needs children in one of our local elementary schools. Most of the children in my classroom exhibit varying degrees and forms of SPD. For the most part, I don't think their parts understand or even realize this explains some of their behaviors and problems. One student in my classroom also exhibits signs of being color blind. He will be in 2nd grade this year and still has trouble with certain colors. He often doubts himself and asks is this a certain color. I didn't even truly understand SPD until my son starting having so many problems in school. Then I happened upon this website and it was a real eye opener. I still have a lot to learn but feel I have come a long way.

Aug 07, 2009
DPF Colour blindness
by: Ruth

Hi. My son is colour blind (reds/greens) with his SPD.

Aug 06, 2009
by: Anonymous

My son is 5 and shows some signs of Sensory Processing. He has been wearing glasses since he was about 2 1/2. At first it was an uphill battle. He has one eye that turns in. It has gotten better as he has gotten older but we still go through times when he gets angry and he throws his glasses. He is currently receiving OT for his fine motor skills. He will be going through K again this next year. He still has trouble writing some of his letters and often wonder if this doesn't have something to do with his vision.

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