SPD daughter entering middle school

by Patty
(Elizabeth, CO)

Every year, when we go into my daughter's 504 meeting for the upcoming school year, I'm able to walk in with tons of info on what to expect, what she'll need, etc for her new teacher. Well, she's in 5th grade, so I'm getting ready for her meeting with the 6th grade teachers, and I'm stumped. I know that MS is going to throw her for a loop with the class changing, the level of organization that will be needed, and her homework load, but I can't find ANYTHING on the web in regards to this.

I've always found that teachers do better with copies from reputable sources that they can refer back to as the year goes and and things come up, but so far, I have nothing. Does anyone know where I can find some information on how middle school kids are affected by SPD?

Puzzled Patty

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