SPD diagnosed kid

by Tina
(Athens Greece)

I have a son who is almost 5 years old (in 3 months). He had language problems and i took him to a specialist doctor (Developmental Pediatrician)at age 4. She told me we need to make sessions with a language specialist and see her after 6 months. We also went to 2 other development pediatricians after 6 months. The one told me that my son has some problems with language and also light problems with motor skills and communication/attention. They both said to continue language and start motor skills therapy.

One of the 2 suggested to see a specialist psychologist. We went to the most respected/well known child psychologist with specialization in children with development delays and learning disabilities. She told us that our son is very smart and needs to provide boundaries to his behavior that apparently are not that well defined. She told us that she does not need to see him more and said we need to see her one more time to tell us how to behave and treat him. She also told us to start some sessions with a specialist doing " Creative play" and told us also to do an evaluation for sensory integration. We did and the specialist told us that our son has SPD and needs to do a therapy in relation with his motor skills.

We are currently doing speech/language therapy and motor skill therapy related to sensory integration.

As far as i understand i have 1 year and 6 moths until my son goes to primary school and be ready and we try to do our best by means of early intervention to have him ready. But there is still a possibility that he will have a learning disability when he enters school.

According to SPD specialist and the child psychologist, he is a creative and full of imagination kid, who presents a continuous movement and attention issues. I am worried for the future and how he will develop and how he will do when he enters school.

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