SPD for older kids

by Julie Hickam
(Energy, IL)

My daughter is 11 and has always had a problem with clothing. Not only do things not feel right, she can not tolerate necks of shirts that feel too large, sleeves that don't hit her wrist at the right place, the length of shirts and pants have to be just right in her mind. Right now she only feels comfortable layering her shirts(at least 3 layers). We have had countless battles over the years getting ready for school.

Like many of you that have written in, I'm to the point now that if it's clean and isn't too out of season, she wears it. I keep thinking she will grow out of it but it doesn't seem to be the case. This appears to be her only sensory issue but it's a huge one. I can't begin to tell you how much money I have spent on clothes ( almost all of which she has tried on in the store and liked) that she would only wear one time. Any suggestions would be appreciated. By the way, I am an occupational therapy asst and I'm out of tricks!


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