SPD from child to now adult

by Cassandra
(Los Angeles)

I'm in my 30's and was diagnosed with SPD as a child. I would get into trouble for taking off underwear at school because it hurt my waist and around my legs. I also had a problem with changing my clothes 3-4 times a day due to "not feeling right"' certain textures of food, allergies to perfumes, environmental allergies, and skin lotions or beauty products. Tags on clothing, most fabrics made me itch. Fabric that was too tight around my waist and especially too tight under my armpits or around my neck. To this day I still have issues with clothing. I hate wearing socks and would rather wear Havaianas rubber sandals all the time.

I manage my SPD with regular yoga and meditation and no less than 8hrs of sleep. Along with acupuncture. I'm going to list several brands that work well for me. It really makes a huge difference where the clothing is made too! Try to buy made in the USA fabrics and organic cotton is great too! Nothing from China since they don't have the same regulations as the US and they add harmful chemicals to the fabric and dyes during the production process.


SPLENDID-made in the USA. Most of my wardrobe is from here!! Their leggings are the only brand that can touch my skin! They have a fold-over style that covers your front and back too. I wear their sweatshirts, pants, tanks, tees, thermals etc. they make baby and kids too!!!! My nephew has the same issues and this brand has helped my sister with him tremendously!! You can easily remove their tag with a seam-ripper or have a seamstress open, remove, and sew back together. They carry men's too. They

have outlets in a few states and stores in California. You can purchase online.

CURRENT ELLIOTT-the only jeans soft enough for me. I get the destroyed wash and a size up. They run large so works well for me. I love their worn-in vintage super soft tees too.Their tags are NOT itchy!! Made in the USA.

WILDFOX-great light-weight tees and sweatshirts, sweatpants. It does have polyester/blend in the jumpers and sweats, but feels like butter on the skin. You'd never guess it wasn't 100% cotton or modal. They have kids too!

This is pretty much my wardrobe. I have a soft puffy coat from Moncler that doesn't bother me at all.

I have Egyptian cotton sheets and the higher the thread count the better for my skin and falling asleep. I hate staying in hotels with bleach in the sheets and cheap sheets. I toss and turn and itch constantly. My husband sleeps like a bear so he's not bothered. Whew! Again, meditation at night helps too.

I use baby Ecos free/clear unscented detergent and Grab Green wet dryer sheets-unscented. Both from Whole Foods.

Body lotion is Epicuren unscented.

I use plant based cleaning supplies and if scented with essential oils they don't bother me as much. No bleach!!

I also get acupuncture once a week for a calming effect. My acupuncturist did the NAET on me to treat all my food and environmental allergies. My health has improved so much after the treatments! You can treat children and pets with acupuncture too. Especially for kids with SPD and anxiety. The needles are very tiny. Smaller than the adult ones.

I'm happy to say I'm living comfortably as an adult with SPD. I hope this information will help someone!


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