SPD got worse for me in middle age

I have SPD at 55, finally self-diagnosed after fifty years of problems. Intelligence and good grades have gotten me nowhere: I couldn't handle the smells, sights, sounds of work, home, street.

I cannot even find a therapist (psychiatrist, OT, counselor) who has ever worked (successfully) with an SPD adult.

By this age, the arthritis and eye problems -- particularly with computer lights -- have severely limited my ability to use a trampoline. I react to medications the same way as I do to fluorescent lighting, that is, with aversions and lingering side effects.

I can bear things on my face, including earplugs and glasses.

These problems, for me, have gotten worse with age. Thus I can only recommend that parents find treatment for hypersensitive kids earlier, not later. It seems criminal to me that insurance companies would try to get out of paying for these problems, which are very real and debilitating.

Sometimes, trying to be kind to myself, I think: humans were not programmed for this machine-filled, pulsating world. We should hunt for berries, carry infants (my best time in life) and basically die young, before glasses become so important.

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