SPD - How overstimulation can effect 10-48 hours later

by anne
(seattle, washington, usa)

Dear SPD help,

I have a son who was recently diagnosed with SPD which affect areas of over, and understimulation and modulation. We recently went to a party where there were alot of kids playing and running around and activities going on. The next 2 days he had difficulties in school, but the 3rd day he was fine again.

Is there a correlation at all between overstimulation and it's effect even 1-2 days later? Is it possible that it takes that long for my son to calm down from a party?

I am really interested to know, as the holidays are fast approaching!

Thanks - Mom of 8yr old

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Nov 05, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hi Anne,

We definitely have seen our daughter have a hard time the day after a big party/event. Mostly just more grouchy than usual. That's really interesting that you've noticed your son having problems even a couple of days after. You sound like you really know your child! Holidays are always rough. Sometimes my daughter and I would go and time out together in a quiet room to re-group, or send her outside to run it out of her! Her uncle is fantastic at telling when she's reached her breaking point and will get her to sit and color awhile. I wish you the best!

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