SPD in our house

My son has SPD and he is very tactile defensive to things like paper, wood, tissue, felt. He will not wear certain clothing like jeans. He is 8 now and this presented quite a huge issue for school and we had to remove him and home school him. We also pursued heavy metal testing for my son via a hair test. He was toxic with mercury, aluminum, lead and some other things. I had read a study about aluminum causing tactile defensiveness in monkey's. Which makes me wonder if indeed all these children who have SPD which was unheard of so many years ago may be affected because they were exposed to aluminum in their vaccines or environment. Or because of exposure to other toxins.

In any regard my son's condition has improve dramatically from his original PDD/SPD diagnosis to Asperger with sensory from certain biomedical interventions.

The one issue we still struggle with is tactile defensiveness to paper. I did find that my son can tolerate finger paint paper. Which we add lines for writing by running it through the computer printer using a template for paper. This has allowed my son to learn to write and pursue writing his own stories.

We also learned to buy a certain brand of socks, and certain types of clothing. When he was little he would not wear clothing at all, but with his interventions he began to wear it provided we remove any tags.

For his anxiety we found the supplements Inositol and Adrenal cortex extremely helpful. (we don't use any prescription medications)

I see many posts on here that remind me of things we see on our biomedical forum that are helped with natural therapies like supplements and antifungal/antibacterial or gut protocols. And of course OT therapy. But I wouldn't dismiss looking for physiological reasons for SPD.

My son used to have an auditory processing problem/delay that resolved with biomed.
We've been through the no underwear, won't wear appropriate clothing, etc. We don't have these issues anymore and my son has never had OT for his SPD. Only the biomed. So food for though for those with no answers who want to help their child improve. Find Autism-Mercury Group on yahoo to being looking at information relevant to treating this condition.

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