SPD Is Real

by Risa
(Albany, New York)

Yes it is real! I have an almost 5 year old son, who has been getting OT and special ed for SPD (and ADHD) since he was almost 2! OT continues to be very, very helpful for him and due to this his self esteem has improved and he can get along with other children better. He is still a challenge and to people with little knowledge of SPD they say things like, "Oh he is just acting like a little boy". I love your site and newsletters.

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Feb 16, 2008
People saying things ....
by: Joy Sorrells

You know what I get that everyday ...

I get well maybe if you are stupid enough to let your son take an hour a day to put on a pair of socks why not get him up 3 hours earlier and watch a movie with him too??? After all this is your fault for allowing him to do it. I also get well it's because you baby him too much. And my favorite one of all... Maybe if you were a better parent your kid wouldn't get away with acting like this in the first place. I even had a woman in a resturant once tell me that all he needs is a spanking and he would stop that. He was gagging over the smell of fried okra and she became offended by it.

Needless to say the world needs to know my kid, "OUR KIDS", are not spoiled brats they have a very real Sensory Processing Disorder. The World needs to be Educated on this. Maybe Michele could set up some interviews on the morning news channels to get it out there... Lord knows our kids need understanding not mean and uncaring comments.

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