SPD Is Real

by Cecilia Lee
(Vancouver, WA USA)

I am a grandmother raising my grandson with SPD. I am also a long time parent advocate working with families with children having Severe Behavioral Problems (ADHD and so on). Now that I'm trying to help Aydenn with OT, PT, Serial Casting, Braces, etc. It has been interesting. I have had a great doctor, PT, and OT. They are great. Most helpful.

Now to tell you why I'm on here. Of all the children I've worked with I would dare say that probably 90% of them were misdiagnosed. They had/have SPD. But the system would not recognize that fact and continued to treat them for other mental health and behavioral diagnoses. Some of them ended up in the corrections system, which is the biggest crime of all because there is no treatment there no matter what is said or done. And by the time they come out they don't have a chance because they come out with criminal minds. They end up back in prison because they can't deal with the lack of structure, or commit suicide.

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Nov 07, 2007
I Fully Agree
by: Krista

If I wore a hat, I would take it off to you. I am only now receiving treatment for SPD at 46 years of age. I have a nephew who I know suffers from SPD but was diagnosed with ADHD while in elementary school. He has so many characteristics of SPD but with the wrong diagnosis he has ended up in trouble-now at age 16 (17 in Dec.). He has been expelled from school several times due to behavioral problems, in and out of drug treatment centers and now attends a "Sober School". He has much difficulty in all areas of learning and life. His mother has refused to listen to advice throughout the years. I think she finds it easier to place "blame" on schools and teachers rather than recognizing the real problem-for it would take too much time out of her life.

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