SPD is VERY real.

by Adrian
(Poplar Bluff, MO)

IF you would have asked me 3 years ago what SPD was, I would have probably said it was a made up disease. However, after working nearly 3 years in an elementary SpEd Classroom, as well as a year with SpEd children in Headstart, I am a firm believer that SPD IS real.

My best example of SPD is that of a young girl that I had in my HeadStart class would literally vomit if anything she ate had an odd texture. It wasn't that she was being over dramatic, it was that she herself could not process the feelings of what was going through her mouth. If it wasn't something she was used to, it wasn't something she was eating.

I have also worked with several autistic children who, when wear certain types of clothing, would have a complete meltdown until that item wasn't touching them anymore.

I understand some don't believe SPD is real. But once you have experienced it first hand, either as an educator, care giver, or parent, you don't realize how serious it can actually be.

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