SPD issues manifest in a cycle of a terrible week every few months... really SPD?

by Keith

My 4 year old daughter has been diagnosed with SPD, and the diagnosis seems to really fit well. The biggest thing that concerns me is that she has major issues in a cyclical manner. Very roughly, she will have a terrible week (constant hour+ long emotional meltdowns) once every few months, and the rest of the time she quite joyful and controlled.

The thing that concerns me about this is that I can't find anything relating SPD to a cycle like this. This, and the raw emotion of the bad weeks, makes me wonder if there's a chance this is something more like bipolar disorder. I know I haven't provided enough information to be able to diagnose, what I'm really looking for is - does anyone with SPD (or children with SPD) experience this sort of cycle of a bad week every few months??


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