SPD kid Tips!

by Claire Stiely

1.I'm a kid who has SPD. When I was little I loved to be hugged and touched when I was sad. I would say," Go AWAY!," but it meant come in or ask me if I want some help to calm down. Now I'm 12 and turning 13, and I've finally been able to learn to calm myself down after my parents talked to me.

2.Start at an early age to do crafts especially drawing and clay. This will help with their feelings, attentions, and symptoms.

3.Don't put your kids through therapy work with them. Kids don't like therapy. They'll be much happier as long as they don't ask for it.

4.Work with their symptoms. Try to get them to control them better for their future so they can have as normal of a life as they can.

I've grown up with SPD and I done all of this and it really helped with me. My family and I were much happier.

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May 15, 2011
by: LJ

Good for you Claire!! My 12 y/o son with SPD may never grown out of it but he learned to grow into it like you. He is doing great too ...you are blessed to have a wonderful parent.... It does take a lot of work and patience....but it pay off..... Remember to appreciate your parents for all the help they did to get you where you are today .. I have seen unlucky kids....

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