SPD mornings

by Amy

My 5 year old daughter has SPD. It has been a long difficult road. She has had many issues each one has taken profound work and creativity to learn how to manage. Just before her graduation from preschool we were hit by a tornado, we were relocated for two weeks in a hotel were there was nothing to do but swim. We found out swimming in a quiet non crowded pool was the first thing that helped her in her life ! Since then we have tried to get her in water as much as possible but crowds, noise ect... are counteracting her therapy. Because of the tornado we have moved and she started kindergarten on September 1. She has hit a brick wall with clothes! She wont wear anything and I mean ANYTHING she wants to stay home naked watching tv all day, every day! We had an OT over the summer but insurance stopped paying for visits. She has become sooo hyper sensitive to everything I do not know what to do? How do you get SPD children dressed ? I have tried bribes, reasoning, threats, patience, punishments, nothing works!!!!!! HELP PLEASE !!!!

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Sep 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

Dear Amy, I understand why I live the same problem. I'm sorry, I can tell you that children with SPD became the largest can handle a little better their hypersensitivity. A polite request to the SPD and any specialists who know the primary cause is to inform the educational institutions and society that some children suffer from this disorder that is misunderstood by multiplying their suffering.

Sep 12, 2011
by: amy

I am so sorry you have to go through this my son also has SPD and is hypersensitive to noise clothes smells textures of food and so on he only wants to wear crocs when he was about 3 we always thought he wanted the light up shoes because he would always complain his shoes hurt well they really did to him! we have since told him the teachers wouldn't allow him to come to school without proper shoes and clothes although he resisted and fought he gave in eventually i know its frustrating especially when she needs the OT extremely bad it has changed my son 50 % in just two months and he was on the severe side try to appeal the insurance my best friend her son also has SPD and she went to his pediatrician and the OT they wrote letters and they were able to get more time!

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