SPD, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and Aspergers

by Mrs. TAS

We have a child in our family with multiple disabilities that are all affecting him/her all at the same time. They are: SPD, Nonverbal Learning Disoder, and borderline Aspergers.

How do we factor all of this in so that the child gets the help that they need from us and from their school?

Also, what about more distantly related relatives (for us it's cousin's) that seem to share the same traits/symptoms of the same disability, for example SPD and Aspergers?

Is that common in some families, and has anyone else had that happen in their family?

How much do you all believe that genetics play a role in neurological disabilities like SPD, Non Verbal Learning Disability, and Aspergers?

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Mar 06, 2011
It seems to appear in our family as well
by: Anonymous

One of my kids has been diagnosed with Autism, another daughter with High Functioning Autism, but also said to have a NVLD. Another child was speech delayed and is a slow learner. A sibling of mine has the same story with their children. My siblings and I have never been diagnosed but I would say we all have either NVLD or Asperger's. And we have a parent, aunts and uncles with similar characteristics, just not as pronounced.

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